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Can i get Freeview?

You can check you postcode on the freeview web site to see if your postcode is covered -

The Freeview postcode checker says “No Sorry” what other options are available?

There are other systems available which can deliver digital reception without the use of a television aerial such as free to view satellite systems.

What is the CAI & CAI Plus?

The CAI is the Confederation of Aerial industries. One of their main aims is to raise standards within the industry. CAI Plus members have undergone addition training and also successfully completed a Criminal disclosure. All CAI Plus members will carry an ID card as proof of membership.

Will a new aerial work all my TV's in the house?

Yes, with the correct amplifiers and cabling installed we can feed new signals to all TV's in the house.

What is a standard Sky Installation

A standard installation is defined as the satellite dish being installed at a height not exceeding two storeys, on the south facing wall. The dish is to be located no further than 20m away from the Sky receiver with all cable being run externally. A telephone point should be located within 2m of the sky box.

What happens if my installation is Non-standard?

If your installation is non-standard i.e requires additional pole or brackets, cabling to be run internally through the loft, or the phone point is greater than 2m away from the sky box. Then you will be charged a reasonable sum for any additional materials or labour. Your installation engineer will discuss this with you at the time of installation.

What is the minimum contract term for Sky Services?

TV & Broadband are subject to a minimum contract term of 12 months. For Sky talk there is no minimum contract term.

If I have Sky talk do I need to change my telephone number?

No, with Sky talk you keep your existing BT line and telephone number. Line charges are payable to BT in the normal manner, all calls routed though the Sky network are subsequently charged by Sky.

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