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Sky TV Basingstoke

Standard Sky Box

Sky's Standard receiver allows access to over 100 different channels of entertainment. With an easy to use programme guide you can see Sky's TV schedule up to 7 days in advance and set reminders for your favourite TV programmes. With the parent control facility you can also ensure peace of mind with the programmes being watched.

Sky+ Box

The Sky+ box has a built in hard drive which allows you to watch one programme whilst recording another. The pause and rewind live TV feature means you will never miss the best bit again. And you can also set series links to record all your favourite programmes at the touch of a button. With a 160Gb hard drive (80Gb reserved by Sky for Sky anytime) there is plenty of storage space for all your recording needs.

Sky+ HD

Sky+ HD box and programmes offer television with vibrant colours and amazing clarity. Watch films and sport as never before. With all the same functionality as the standard Sky+ box, you get an even larger hard drive of 320Gb. With 160Gb reserved for Sky Anytime, you still have 160Gb for personal use.

sky sky + sky hd

Sky also offer a range of phone and broadband packages alongside their satellite TV systems. Please contact us for details on the latest offers.

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