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Aerial and Satellite TV FAQ


Will a new aerial work all my TV’s in the house?

Yes with the correct amplifier/splitter we can connect multiple TV points to the one aerial.

I have a SMART TV, do I need an aerial?

Yes you will still need an aerial to watch the freeview channels, you can also watch Catch up TV and use Apps if your TV is connected to your broadband router.

What is an LTE Filter?

With the onset of 4G in some areas this can cause interference on your TV, all products will supply are fitted with an LTE or 4G filter to block this interference.

Can you repair an aerial?

Unfortunately if your aerial has been damaged by wind, rain or snow, it is unlikely it can be repaired. It will probably need to be replaced.

Will I get HD channels with a new aerial?

All new aerials are capable of receiving the HD channels, however you will need to check to make sure your TV has a HD Tuner.

I have put my own amplifier in but is has not improved the pictures?

An aerial amplifier will only boost the signal going in, the old saying "rubbish in, rubbish out". The amplifier cannot make up for missing information that is being lost at the aerial, and you probably need an engineer to get up on the roof.

tel0118 989 9950

tel0118 989 9950